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Coordinator of Online Course Media Development for the Center for Instruction and Research Technology (CIRT) at the University of North Florida. In concert with other CIRT team members, I work with UNF faculty to develop and produce course media while continually evaluating the quality and effectiveness of online media for instructional delivery.


Grilled Cheese Celebration!


My First Post from a huge phone


Today's bike destination along the St. Johns River.


Flagler College Lobby

How would you like this as the lobby of your college's dining hall?


Reclaiming Community at BYU with Known | bavatuesdays - published using Known's Bookmarklet, BTW


Dancer GIF on the UMW Media Wall

Here's my META animated GIF of a GIF on the UMW Media Wall.


Dancing Vint Cerf

Doesn't need a caption - It speaks for itself


I'll keep you posted @cogdog


Still Planning my Known strategy . . .


My Main Site

1 min read

You can visit to see my projects/portfolio.